Event planning can feel like a behemoth task. The research, the organising, the budgeting, the setting up… so why should you add another thing to your to-do list like having it filmed?  Well, I’ll tell you why…

Instant results

Getting your message across to your customers or members is the whole reason for holding an event and in this modern tech world, instant is the new black. If you have a team in situ filming the entire event, it can be used instantly for those unable to attend through live streaming or really wow your delegates by using the footage in the video that was captured only hours before.  You can’t get more current than that!

Use it as a ‘trailer’ for your next event

Once the event has been filmed you can use that footage over and over again to suit your marketing and business needs.  Did you know that purchase intent rises to 97% when potential customers have watched a video? If your target audience can visualise what your event will be like, there is more chance they will come along next time.  In a world where it has become a habit to conduct online research to buy anything from a dog bed to holidays (and everything in between), it makes sense to have easily visible, impactful videos to really show how good your brand really is.  With video use in business ever-growing, you certainly don’t want to be left behind.


Not only can you use the footage for marketing purposes for years to come, you can also use it in-house.  From looking back on how far the company has grown, motivating current and future employees and celebrating milestone achievements.  You would be starting to build a  visual archive of your company’s journey and having it ready to tell your story whenever you need it most.

So are you convinced? 

I know, you’re thinking, yeah it’s great, but will my budget stretch to it, won’t it take up a lot of time? 

Well, let’s look at options…

  1. If you’ve got an in-house production team then hand the reins over to them and they will work with you to produce what you need

2. If you don’t then you can go directly to freelance cameras, editors, directors and producers who will do similar but may need someone from your team to project manage a bit more.

3. Or if you can have not only the physical filming and editing dealt with but the logistical planning too by hiring a professional production company.  

So there you have it, if you have been thinking about filming your events for a while or never even considered it, I hope this has given you a new perspective as well as advice on how to go about it.

At Lux Films we have been helping businesses in the events space for a number of years. We not only listen to our client’s plans and ideas and then provide creative concepts but we also organise everything from pre-production, to shooting and editing. Our clients never have to worry about lifting a finger or fret that something will get missed.