Rewarding your staff or members can help to maintain and foster high levels of morale and appreciation.  A lot of companies now are realising this and organising trips and events to incentivise their performance and reward them for hitting targets.

Are you thinking of going down this route or need some new ideas for your next trip or event, well here are just five ideas for you.


1. Company Festival

Transforming your standard corporate party into a laid-back festival complete with live bands and activities can create a refreshing environment for networking and delivering company news. 


2. Take A Train Ride

Trips on train services like Northern Belle and the Orient Express can provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences for exciting incentives with excursion opportunities at different stops.  Or, you could even provide event activities en route – there are different packages for activities such as prosecco tasting experiences depending on your budget.


3. Or take to the skies!

Top Gun Experience day for a sales incentive activity anyone? You could also charter a plane for an exclusive way to combine corporate travel and memorable event experiences. Chartering a yacht is also a very fun and lavish way to treat delegates too!


4. Private music event

A private music concert is an ideal event idea for a company celebration or to end a conference on a ‘high note’. Theming the event tickets, catering and merchandise to the performance can create an immersive experience with strong connections to your brand.


5. Wine-tasting tour

Sophisticated, social and stunning scenery. What’s not to love?  Of course, there are main locations where this would be possible, Italy, France, California, Australia the list goes on.  But many delegates would love an opportunity to take part in activities that they wouldn’t normally do. And with these gorgeous locations, there would be so many other things to see and do too.


Experiences like these are akin to Charlie getting his golden ticket to the chocolate factory (that’s another good trip location) so capturing the memories is a great way to keep the good times going…

You might have separate groups involved in different activities at different locations but you want to get it all on tape to be able to show next year’s potential attendees what they could be enjoying it’s tough getting good footage without professional help.  

I’m sure you’d agree, it’s fair to say that most events teams don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to get all the footage, which means that a lot of great memories and potential marketing material goes undocumented. 

Also, what is a better way to end the trip or event than to show a highlights video of their time there? It really helps to cement what an amazing experience they’ve had and how important it is to strive to keep their place for next year.