You’ve got a brand new product, it’s amazing and you just know people will love it.
Now it’s time to market it and get it out into the world, you’ve booked a photographer who has taken some Instagram-worthy snaps and it looks really professional.
But when you’ve shared it, it’s not having the impact it deserves. This is because humans retain only 5% of the information when presented with text on social media, whether there is a great picture with it or not. Compare that with 95% info retention when viewing video and you can clearly see the impact it can have.
Now, I’m not saying to ditch the photographer, there are plenty of reasons to have professional photos taken, especially if you have an online shop, but a video is a marketing tool that is proven to have a huge customer conversion rate but isn’t always fully utilised, particularly professional videos.
Obviously, product videos show what the product looks like to your potential customers, but they do so much more.

Release short snippets of footage in the weeks leading up to the launch to tease the exciting new product. This way you can build tension and excitement whilst also making it into a campaign to get customers involved with too.

Explanation of Product
You can go into more detail in a relatively short space of time to really explain why your product is better than your competitors and why it should be in the viewer’s life.

Ingredients and Manufacturing
Nowadays, customers are much more diligent about what products are made from, this can be from edible to beauty, cleaning to clothing. Videos are a great way to explain the composition of your product as well as explaining what those ingredients or parts do to benefit the customer.

Exclusive Launch Deal
As part of your launch, you may be considering a pricing deal, well why not include that in the video, you’ve already given them all the info on the product, which now makes it impossible for them to say no!

Call to Action
Want this to not only get your product out there but want it to generate some buzz for your company name? Then make it part of a hashtag campaign or competition too.

Don’t forget that you can have a bit of fun with product or company launches too, one of the most well-received and watched adverts is for Dollar Shave Club. It looks simple, but it was extremely well thought out, filmed and edited. As well as suiting their target market down to the ground it went viral because it was so refreshing. When I watched it, I wanted to sign up for their razor subscription service immediately even though I have a beard. If you don’t mind a few swears, then I urge you to give it a watch, if nothing else it’ll bring a smile to your face.