Event Trends for 2023
Events are just as susceptible to trends and fashions as clothing and social media platforms. So it’s good to get ahead of the game and see what might be popular next year, especially before new budgets are given in Q2. So, here are our predictions for what will be hot in 2023 in the Events space.

In-Person Events to Grow
The appetite for in-person events has been huge throughout 2022 after the industry had to effectively close for 2 years. This will continue into 2023 but delegates will still want the option to tune in virtually or ‘on-demand’ if they cannot make the trip. Meaning thanks to online, they will not miss out. This does mean that venues, contributors and suppliers will get booked early, particularly in Q1.





The push for more sustainable events will be ongoing in 2023 and in future years. The need is less about ticking a box and more about longer-term outlooks and solutions. Event attendees are actively noticing and looking for the industry to be less wasteful and more considered in their consumption overall.







Experience Led
After the pandemic, people, particularly Gen Z, want to live life. They want experiences even when working. Events which have interactivity and hands-on experiences are key in getting people through your doors. Workshops, creation stations, and sensory experiences allow people to get stuck in and take part in something that they will remember. Research suggests that attendees remember events more favourably and for longer when the venue is different or unusual. Get some more venue ideas with our blog, Britain’s Quirkiest Event Venues.






Digital Experiences
Early in 2022, the world’s first virtual fashion week was held. This was just the beginning of events based around digital assets. NFT Art Gallery tours and Cryptocurrency trading expos will become a standard fixture for the events industry.
Artificial Intelligence is receiving more funding and research, to try and find ways of making it popular in more industries. This year it has really taken off within the marketing and social media arena, but the prediction is it will move into publications too.







Accessibility and Inclusion
All of the above are great, but they’re nothing if you don’t allow unrestricted access to all. Most venues are much better for accessibility for disabled people and those with mobility issues. However, there is so much more to consider, such as;
Is the furniture you have appropriate?
Is the flooring easy to manoeuvre on, and is there enough room for everyone?
Are your experience-led activities accessible?
Have you catered for attendees who are hard of hearing or with sight loss?
Have you considered how autistic guests will cope with the different parts of the event, have you got rooms that can be used as quiet spaces, infant feeding or prayer rooms?
Have you got speakers from different cultures, life experiences and socioeconomic backgrounds?
These are things that will be highly appreciated by your attendees and also enable those who haven’t previously visited, to join in too.


Just like the Personal and Wellness Trends for 2023, encouraging wellness at events will be an appreciated gesture amongst your attendees. Chill-out zones, social spaces and nourishing brain food will allow attendees to not be overwhelmed and exhausted. Work-life balance is important to the majority of people now, and having some calm during an event is a huge draw for those who are thinking of attending your event.