Corporate events are fantastic at sharing information, celebrating achievements and boosting morale.  Using video is the most powerful way to inform and inspire your staff.  Don’t believe us? Well according to marketing experts, Insivia, viewers retain 95% of information portrayed on video compared to 10% from reading text.  So the discussion in your planning meetings shouldn’t be about whether you should have videos, but what you want your audience to watch.

Don’t worry, you will still have your speakers on stage to have that human interaction and face of your business, but by using video to prove, explain or reiterate what they are saying you are giving the audience a complete experience that they will remember for a long time.

There is no limit to what you can use video for at an event, this is just a starting list:

  • What is our story?
  • Where are we now?
  • How can you be part of this?
  • How you make our company
  • Statistic information
  • Product launches
  • Initiative launches
  • Testimonials from customers and employees
  • Highlight videos

It’s important to give the whole event an identity complete with a name, slogan and logo that compliments your brand.  These can then be used in the lead-up to the event as well as throughout and after the fact.

Ensuring that you have a creative team behind these videos is imperative, there is nothing worse than corporate videos which give information overload and aren’t visually appealing.  Do that and you’re in for a lot of people sneakily checking their socials on their phones instead.

Picking and choosing what information you show so that you are communicating what is the crunch part of each subject is a great place to start within your team. You then have a clear vision for the creative team or production company so that they can build storyboards and concepts.  

Don’t have archive footage or only have a limited supply?  

If you’re getting a production company (ahem) on board they can film on location and remotely prior to the event, provide B-roll (extra general footage) animate and provide graphics in such a way that you would never know that there wasn’t already a wealth of archive footage. Believe us when we say, we can come up with creative ways to get your messages across.

You can also add a layer of interactivity to your presentations and videos by having apps like Slido and Meeting Pulse where your audience can answer or ask questions on-screen live, with analytics available within seconds.  These answers can be sent anonymously meaning that you’re getting a true idea of what your team thinks, and for those who may be anxious to raise their hand, it still means they get to get involved and ask their burning questions.

Now, no one wants to be sat down for too long, we all had enough of that throughout the various lockdowns, so It’s also important to allow time for some interactive, hand’s-on time for your employees so that they feel as though they are taking part, not just watching and listening.

As an event organiser, we don’t need to teach you how to organise break-out or downtime sections for your event, but here are some ideas if this type of event is new to you.

Corporate Ideas
  • Brainstorming break-outs
  • Wellbeing break-outs to discuss workload and balance
  • Product display with opportunities to try it out
  • Meet the CEO (in small groups, perhaps a reception style)
  • Feedback session (employees to hear directly from customers)
Team Building Ideas
  • Escape room
  • Games/competition (departments vs each other)
  • Quiz
  • Video games
  • Photobooth
  • Live entertainment
  • After the kick-off conference party
  • You can also find a venue that has an inbuilt activity, for more ideas on this see our recent venue blog post here.