One of the biggest trends you’ll see events in the next few years will be the use of virtual and/or augmented reality.  But there is no point trying to jump onto the metaverse wagon if you aren’t even getting your events filmed as a matter of course yet, it’s that old adage  ‘don’t run before you can walk’.

Most of the event tech that will come in the next few years will be based around the video so if you’re not taking video seriously in your business now, you’re about to be left behind.  Now, of course, we’re trying to sell to you, but we don’t sell ice to Inuits, because that’s useless. We only sell what we know works and what we believe in.  We know that we are brilliant at telling stories, getting to know our clients and bringing next-level creativity to their projects. 

So we wanted to reiterate why it’s important to be getting video production of your events, so let’s get straight to it.

  1.  You need guests, obviously. Whether you’re holding a ticketed event or a free one, you need to get the famed FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome happening.  The way to do this is to have promo videos created that can give an idea of what to expect (without giving all your surprises away). Promo videos can be made with footage from previous events (if you’ve had it filmed) or a production team can create one using footage from similar events as well as getting animators and graphic designers involved to make sure they are bespoke to your event and bran


2. During your event, you can have the crew get testimonials from your guests getting their true and in-the-moment thoughts on how they are feeling about being there. Live footage being shot could be projected onto walls,  or be included in an augmented reality experience for your guests. And if you choose a professional events video production company (ahem) highlights of the event can even be shot and edited on-site to be shown at the end of the night to really go out with a bang.


3. As you will very well know, events ain’t cheap. But why spend all that money on an amazing location, inspired decor and extravagant entertainment without being able to show it off afterwards? Footage that can be captured at your event can be edited and released within days and then give your audience highlights of a great event, show those who didn’t attend what they missed and be used in your marketing for years to come. (including promoting your next event which leads directly back to point 1)


4. (OK, I know we said 3 in the title but this is a bonus that incorporates all the previous points) ROI. Yes, those magic three letters. Return on Investment.   You’re spending a lot of money on the event in order to get money back further down the line from customer spending, investment or employee engagement.  Again, having footage of all your efforts means that you are getting miles more out of that event than just the one day or night it’s on.  Your business can revisit that event for years to come.  Also, rather than monetary investment, you will get better engagement from your guests.  They will share the video online, they will talk about the event to others and show them clips and it becomes a life experience that they can look back on and show others.