Did you know that event management is considered the 5th most stressful job? 

And don’t you know it, you’re always busy and under pressure.  Your hands are full, juggling all the tasks at once, establishing relationships with event venues, vendors, prospective attendees… 

Plus, you’re working on hiring security, entertainment, waiters, waitresses, valets, and all the important yet seemingly endless details.  On top of that, you’re managing ticket sales and communicating with clients.

We spoke to some of our clients to ask how they combat the stress of such a fast-paced career, here are their top tips:


“Set realistic goals for yourself and for your team.”


“Ensure the roles of your team, suppliers and technicians are clearly defined so that there is no ambiguity of what is expected of everyone.”


“Make sure that all the physiological needs of your team are met from time to time during the event.  This is such things like food, water, warmth, shelter and breaks.”


“Nurture interpersonal relationships within the team. If there are conflicts, then resolve them quickly and judiciously.”


”The majority of stress in an event is due to poor time management. Plan ahead and plan each and every activity in great detail including all the relevant team members so information is shared efficiently and effectively.”


“Include rest and relaxation time in your daily schedule for yourself and for your team members.”


“Encourage yourself and others to adopt a healthy lifestyle like regular exercise, a nutritious diet, yoga, meditation, tai chi, massage, sports etc.”


“Foster an environment where mental health is of the utmost importance and people don’t have to hide how they are feeling.”


These are some great tips from Event Managers, we also wanted to add our own which may help when dealing with external suppliers because we know that that can be a real pain point for many EM’s. 

  1.  If you use suppliers that you like, trust and are reliable, then really keep those relationships tight.  Great suppliers are worth their weight in gold


2. If you are looking for new suppliers then do your research, ask them for their portfolio or you can get testimonials from their previous clients.  Any legitimate company that is worth working with will be happy to give you this information.


3. Keep them in the loop.  Events can change on an hourly basis but if there are decisions or adjustments that are made that affect your suppliers, include them in the conversations as soon as possible.  They will appreciate it so they can pivot where need be and they can give you ideas or solutions you may not have thought of.

Get your event filmed. I know, this seems like a blatant way to sell to you, but all bias aside, why spend all the money and not have any decent footage to use for highlights, marketing future events and recognition? And when I say ‘get it filmed’ I don’t mean getting a junior member of the event staff armed with an iPhone and a selfie stick to run around hoping they capture everything.  Get professionals in to ensure that every moment, detail and happy face is captured without you having to add it to your ever-growing to-do list. You won’t regret it and if you’re thinking it won’t help you make money, then read this blog on the ROI of video and we’ll prove you wrong.