New Year, new you. It’s a phrase we are all aware of, but it’s just not the thing to say anymore. Resolutions are now manifestations and plans.  They are intentions that are set on either a big scale or small, and it’s common to see people create a hashtag and document their challenges throughout the year.  This year there will be an even bigger shift to keeping personal and well-being at the forefront of our lives, particularly for the Z and Millennial generations.  This has been on the rise since the pandemic and before that, the effort to rid the stigma of mental illness and to ask for help and do what keeps your mental health in good shape. Here are our top predictions for personal and well-being trends for this year.

GOAT Travelling
“Greatest of All Time Travelling” is something that has become popular as a middle finger up to the Covid Pandemic.  Demographics such as Gen Z and Millennials in particular are making the most of lost time by ticking places off their bucket lists.  They are living in the moment and this leads us to our next point…






Quiet Working
You may have heard of quiet quitting, whereby employees no longer go above and beyond, instead just do the bare minimum of their job and then go home for the day rather than actually just quitting and finding a job they love.  But this will transition into ‘Quiet Working’, where they may still love their job but actually the last few years have made them realise that life is for living and not working.  Sabbaticals, flexible working requests and going freelance, will become more popular as scores of people want to make the most of any time off spending it doing fun activities and having experiences with friends and family.



Whilst consumers are wanting to have experiences, they will be very specific as to what they spend their money on.  Because their links with sustainability are so strong now, often those demographics will not spend on physical items as readily as even 5 years ago.  They will question whether something is really needed, or if they could live without, repair, get second-hand, or refill. This will allow any extra cash to go towards living in the moment instead of collecting material items.






Switching Off
Mental Health is at the forefront of Gen Z and Millennial minds and because Millennials are now largely raising children who are starting to be affected mentally by the internet and social media, they are being much more mindful and self-imposing social media detoxes. They are getting overwhelmed by the constant barrage of news and sales at the swipe of a finger and they are taking time out. This is something that businesses may need to work around or will notice trends in sales at different parts of the year.




Self-Care Isn’t Just Yoga
The wellness industry has fared well in recent years as we all strive to look after ourselves and have a self-care regime. However, this doesn’t always mean buying expensive products, self-care ranges from meditation to spa days, or simple things like reading a book, going for a walk, using a weighted blanket in bed, or just saying no to things they don’t really want to do.  There is a vast range, which is deeply personal to each human being and that shouldn’t be underestimated.