So, you’ve got a fancy phone, know some basic editing on a free app and all your friends a family hit the ♥️ emoji on the reels of your holiday, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to produce quality marketing videos for your company and we are living in an age where high-quality video surrounds us, not just from TV programmes and films, but YouTubers, Influencers and social media marketing are really upping the game week in, week out.

The general public expects quality from all videos online now and will pick apart and judge those that look low-budget or lack creativity. You don’t need us to tell you how important video is for marketing and communication, it’s a well-known fact.  But how do you make sure that your videos are on brand, on message as well as beating the competition?

You hire professionals (bet you didn’t see that one coming!)

Getting a video production company on board used to be a bit of a luxury for the huge companies that could afford advertising space on the main TV channels (remember when there were just 4?). But now, brands just wouldn’t consider doing it in-house unless they have a dedicated video department (which most don’t).  And it’s worth remembering that a prod company is not just supplying you with one piece of video content.  One event, advert or promo can be used as many times as you need internally and externally, whilst the footage can be re-edited to adapt to new and ever-changing business needs such as training, social media, highlights, celebrations and portfolios.  

The return on investment can be a huge amount more than you’d spend because potential customers are seeing professional videos with consistent style and branding which is now part of your sales and marketing strategy.  This means you are getting your event, product or service right in front of them and making an imprint in the decision-making areas of their brain. You as a company also benefit from high-quality videos made to your specifications whilst having an experienced team supply you with creative concepts and ideas and best of all, stress-free production.

The more video content you have at your disposal, the more visible your business will be, a website with a video on it is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google. Getting a video production team on board that becomes an extension of your own can take the pressure off, provide you with a bounty of options and ensure that you are ahead of your competition with an ever-growing trove of content.