Hot Colours

Pastels will remain in vogue with Lavender purples, pastel and baby blue hues along with buttercup yellows, these will work well with the boho botanical trend (more on that later) and will be popular in events as well as fashion.
Bombastic brights such as hot pinks and neon yellows and green will be an ideal colour palette for events and designs that are wanting either a 90’s retro or futuristic, multiverse feel.
Sticking with the retro scene, 70’s sunset palettes will be coming in strong, particularly in the summer months, this includes stones, browns, oranges, reds and blues.



Retro designs come in lots of different styles and eras and have been popular for quite a while now, ever since the resurgence of the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters.  But new eras are now becoming popular too. The 1990s to the naughties have been big in 2022, and it looks as though that will continue into 2023. This incorporates neon and bright shades, grainy textures, childish cursive and straight fonts together.  
Having said that, Riso print is making a comeback. Not heard of it?  Well, it’s designs with different layers on top of each other similar to how posters and magazines were made before then being printed or duplicated.  It was often used for tourist and travel posters and has a very retro, bobbly texture to the images too.  These are always designed in bright colours and bold shapes, giving a lot of room for creativity.  Line art drawing will really be big this year too.


Glass Textures

3D glass effects which play around with transparency, colour and shape will be popular as it has that futuristic, metaverse feel to them. They are particularly good for use in video and can be used to build walls and backgrounds to display information, pictures and logos.

Art Deco Inspired

Lines are a classic design and will continue to be popular with high-end brands.  Using lines to make simple but effective patterns and geometric logos can be included in event design, especially when incorporating metallic colours and glittering chrome.


Experimental Typography

Throwing out normal rules of design will allow for liberating design for events. This allows you to use different fonts for one title as well as using elements of design, such as glass texture, art deco, fabric, retro or anything you can think of. As above it can make for really unique event branding.  But don’t overdo it and try to shoehorn all the trends into one set of branding.


Mixed Dimension

This is when you are using images of real life such as people or objects and then incorporate cartoons, animation or illustrations on top.  A lot of this year’s visuals will be about fantastical images which will be from the past, present and future with the bombastic colours that are associated with cartoons.


This incorporates the line aesthetic of Art Deco and then adds in elements from the zodiac, magic and astrological beliefs. Because these are often simple with content and colour, they’re often calming designs which are great for brands that are pitching to that audience bringing class and serenity to their branding.

Boho Botanical

As always, there will be room for floral prints and designs but it’s mixed with the vibrant colours and laying of risoprint, mentioned earlier, but they have a more relaxed, free-hand vibe to them rather than lots of deep detail.