doTERRA Beyond Convention 2022

The doTERRA Europe Convention is an annual event with 6’000 people. Taking a pause and going online during the pandemic, in 2022 the event was back in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary. The event was a great opportunity for doTERRA to reconnect with their European members and we were tasked with making it happen.

To help the participants reconnect with the brand, we created some memorable moments and experiences during the show and in the expo areas. This included interactive product launches with large-sized products being lowered above the stage, and product aromas pumped into the audience with aroma machines.  

With an online audience born, the hybrid element was really important, and doTERRA didn’t want the online audience to feel like they were missing out in any way. We created specialist content with presenters in the arena, expo and commerce areas – giving the online audience a flavour of the event beyond the training conference element. 

Our content team created a variety of media, such as opening videos to create hype within the audience on arrival, informational videos to work alongside speaker content, product launches, future event reveals, and highlight videos and “vox pop” style videos. 

The event was translated live simultaneously into a total 14 languages, 14 live in the arena through headsets and additionally 12 on the live stream. At the end of each day the whole event was instantly uploaded for viewing on demand, so no audiences had to miss out.

Over 6000 people attended in the arena over the three days and a further 4000+ online.