The international accountancy firm EY (Ernst & Young) asked us to produce a highlights video for their annual EMEIA region conference, taking place in Greenwich, London.

The event was for key stakeholders within the region, and an opportunity for empowering people through training, keynote speeches, employee awards, networking and rewards.

One of the challenges EY have is pulling their employees away from the day to day business to attend the event. Logistics and existing commitments can make it difficult, however the value the conference brings to attendees is really worthwhile and effective for business growth. They were very keen to demonstrate this to their stakeholders through a video, as a call to action for next year’s event.

They also really wanted to fire-up those who attended the conference, by producing a memento for them to enjoy at event close and online afterwards.

Taking this onboard, we set out to produce a video, which truly showcased the event from start to finish and told the event story. One of the big perks for attendees is visiting a European city and we started the video by showcasing some classic images of London to set the scene.

The client wanted to bring a sense of fun and flow to the showcase and distinguish it as a ‘must attend’ event. We achieved this by bringing a sense of movement in every image, and supported this with use of timelapse, hyperlaspe and zoom transitions. This was accompanied by sound design to follow camera moves and on-screen action.

The approach was very well received by the client, so much so the EMEIA CEO personally met and thanked the crew. The video has really made waves through the company and attendee numbers are up for next year’s event. The delegates who attended really appreciated watching the highlights video in the room and it proved a rewarding memento as the event wrapped up.