We understand the most important thing about creating content for our clients, is to truly listen and understand the brief. The more information we can glean, the greater our understanding and ability to produce exactly what the client wants.

Recently we were onsite in Singapore for an international conference, held at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands hotel and conference centre. Our brief was to produce an overall highlights video of the week-long event and in addition our client wanted to open the event with a video introduction to the organising committee.

It was really important for our client to make the video fun and a great experience for the committee members to participate in. They wanted it to showcase their brand, mission statement, and event location.

Taking onboard these elements, we came up with a concept based around the Formula 1 motor race, which takes place on the street circuit next to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. It wasn’t going to be possible to hire a Formula 1 racing car and drive it around Singapore. So instead to bring the fun and amusing element into the video we decided to miniaturise everything and build a Scalextric track.

Our production process started in our London studio, where we worked on the concept and story line. The whole piece was carefully storyboarding and submitted to our client for approval. Once signed off, we began pre-production, which involved sourcing costumes, props, Scalextric track, cars, characters and grandstands. As well as preparing the right kind of cameras, lenses and lighting.

On this occasion we were able to pre-film some of the Scalextric elements in London, which really helped us to prove the concept and excite our client prior to the event.

On location in Singapore, we were able to shoot around the Grand Prix track and Singapore landmarks to add as backdrops to the opening. Then in the exhibition centre, we built a green screen studio, where the committee members came individually to film their moment. During this time, we really try to make it incredibly enjoyable for those taking part. Our director works hard to get the best from them and make it a really fun experience.

Once all of the moments are shot, the film was edited and delivered on site, ready to show at the event. The film was a success and the client very happy with the result. By really listening to them throughout the process, we were able to take on board their comments and tailor their requirements from the off set, making it a smooth process throughout.

Now we are busy forming ideas for next years event, which promises to be bigger and better!