Our client Herbalife Nutrition had the challenge of turning a physical 3 day conference for 18,000 people into an online Virtual Event

Our usual role at the event consists of producing video content to be shown throughout the build up, training sessions and breaks. This content is everything from event openers, product launch videos, testimonial stories and future event promotions.

The event is normally held in a large concert arena. It has a huge buzz, with rock concert style lighting and special effects. Our clients challenge of taking the event online, was to still ensure we capture the buzz and energy of the live physical event and give the attendees an experience to remember.

With the event now becoming solely a video production, creating the right kind of content that demonstrates and captures the same feeling of a live event was crucial to get right. And what would typically work for a physical event, needed to be carefully considered and adapted for the virtual world.

Working with the client, our creative team devised a number of opening video moments. This involved taking the best images of past events and combining them with 3D motion graphics and bespoke animation. The result was three stunning event openers, which started the daily conference sessions.

In addition we delivered a total of 68 pieces of content shown throughout the weekend. Everything from product launches, case study videos, speaker content, virtual awards, testimonials and promotional videos.

Our production work culminated in a week onsite at a broadcast studio, where the event was broadcast to over 70,000 attendees across the globe in 28 different languages. Combining studio elements with live presenters, and speakers dialled in from around the world. Our delivered content helped to reinforce and showcase our clients brand to their key customer base and ensured communication lines remained open in these unprecedented times.